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We have seen the apartment supervisors accessing all the locks with a single key, and same is the case in business premises. The supervisor often has access to several doors and does not really use a bunch of keys to unlock, rather a single key does all the work. Ever wondered how? That key that the supervisors use is called the master key which is highly popular amongst hotels, offices, ware houses and other business premises. It reduces the hassle of carrying a bunch of keys to unlock every single lock, and All Day Locksmith Service is an expert in devising the appropriate master key solutions for the clients in Tacoma, WA.

How it works?

At a point of time, numerous locks of a single space are configured in such a manner that they can be operated with a single key. The master-keypad locks operate in two ways, they can be accessed with a master and also with a key specific to the lock. Each and every lock carries a varied mechanism that can be operated by its change keys and also are embedded with an independent secondary mechanism. A master keys work on this second mechanism, and in some cases sub-master keys are also crafted, but that is common among large enterprises only.

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A master key comes with various benefits:

  • No more need for a bunch of keys
  • Limits the access to home/business
  • Complete access control over home/business
  • No hassle if you lose the change key as you can still access the specific parts
  • One key is enough to open all locks

Although, master keys offer numerous advantages, it is only wise to let an expert decide what suits the best for you. Call All Day Locksmith Service to avail the expert’s advice to decide whether it’s the right solution for you. After a thorough assessment of your property, we will conclude if devising a master key system is the right thing to do and design a custom solution that fits your home/commercial space.

24/7 master key services:

If you need a master key system for your business or residential space, then ring All Day Locksmith Service at 253-343-9085. We extend our services for 24/7 and would respond to you at all times in Tacoma, WA area.