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Home is a safe place where we can drop our guard and feel every bit safe, after all it is our sanctuary! However, imagine if this safety were to be violated by an intruder, putting you and the live of others that you love at risk, not to mention the threat to valuable possessions.
These threats are real, existent and rampant. Despite that, it is overwhelming to see people treat their home security as a low priority. Safety of your home does not have to cost you a fortune, not when you have service providers like All Day Locksmith Service who bring valued service not only at your doorstep but also closer to your budget.
All Day Locksmith Service is an expert residential locksmith service provider that has been serving the Tacoma, WA area for over a decade. In all these years, we earned respect, wealth of experience and also trade best practices, that allows us to serve our clients in an efficient manner. We are skilled at handling everything from changing door locks to assessing your property for a suitable home security solution. Over the years, many of our clients have come to trust our recommendations in specialized matters such as security overhaul, change of locks, door repairs etc. Our locksmiths can evaluate your needs, budget and security requirements to recommend a solution that suits you completely.
At All Day Locksmith Service, it is our job to make your home as safe as we possibly can, eliminate any opportunity for an invader to violate your privacy and fortify your perimeter to discourage such attempts. We can also be your single point of contact when you need a specialist in case of emergency locksmith situations such as residential lockouts. Don't panic if you left the key inside. Just call us once and we will arrive with our mobile locksmith unit in no time and develop a new key for you within minutes. We provide guaranteed 24/7 locksmith service to all our clients in Tacoma, WA area. This means that there is always a locksmith present to help you, no matter when the crisis strikes you! 

To serve your needs adequately and responsibly, we made it a point that we only hire professionals who are true to their jobs. This is why All Day Locksmith Service recruits only professional locksmiths who have the necessary qualifications and experience to fulfil our service standards. Our locksmiths can help you with eviction service like they can fix your door locks for you. We have plenty of other services that make us indispensable in Tacoma, WA area.
Our residential locksmith services include:

  • 24-hour emergency locksmith servicesAll Day Locksmith Service Tacoma, WA 253-343-9085
  • New locks installation
  • Speedy mobile locksmith service in Tacoma, WA area
  • Home security consultation
  • On-the-spot lock change and replacement
  • Mailbox locks repair and installation
  • High-security lock setup
  • Garage door installation and unlock
  • Repair entry doors 
  • Master key provision
  • Pop a lock services
  • Eviction locksmith services
  • Peephole and deadbolt installation

And more

All Day Locksmith Service has the highest standards of locksmith services available for all its clients. We do not compromise on our quality and never believe in exploiting our customers by charging them exorbitant prices for our efficient services. In fact, our 24-hour emergency locksmith service also doesn’t come at a premium. So, if you are in a residential lockout crisis, don't get anxious as the help will arrive soon and will certainly be cheaper than any other local locksmith.

Our combined excellence of professional locksmiths and cutting edge technology available at their disposal makes us the best in all of Tacoma, WA area. So far, no competitor has been able to hold up to our prices and service quality. We promise you that if you opt for us once, you will refuse to venture out to another!